OneBasket FAQ section. 

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How to know if it is really organic

How do i know if my food is really organic ?

Currently there is no fool proof way of finding the organic authenticity of your grocery.
OneBasket is building technology platform that takes into account numerous factors to determine a digital authenticity. 

Why do i get different rice every time, though i buy same Brand?

All rice mills process the rice on a monthly basis, and they buy their raw materials from different regions. Though the variety of rice is same they can not guarantee the same rice. OneBasket links farmers to consumers, hence you get the same grain from the same farm every single time.

Dals, why do some of them look dull ?

In the olden days all dals were hand processed and tasted great, however they were not polished or processed. Today a lot of mills polish the dals to make them look good. The polish is done with low grade oil and sometimes with added colour. The dull dals are actually the most healthy. OneBasket sells only unpolished and 0% colour added dals.

Is brown rice organic ?

Rice is one of the toughest to cultivate organically due to its high water requirement. So a lot of sellers will sell brown rice as organic. Brown rice could be organic or pesticide grown, it is just not polished enough to remove all the husk. Brown rice is good for health but it is not a proof of being organic. 

Does OneBasket have its own farms?

No, OneBasket is a technology enabler to get farmers and customers linked in a single platform. This helps the farmers with better income, socially responsible and a unique digital identity. Customers in return get reasonable pricing and digitally verified quality.

What Technology does OneBasket use ?

OneBasket uses blockchain to store all the data of their products from seed sowing stage to harvesting, processing and delivery of the product. We use Artificial Intelligence due to determine quality and authenticity of all products sold.

How to know if it is really organic

When will you deliver ?

All orders are shipped within 24 hours. Cut off time for next day delivery is 8PM. Sunday's no delivery, orders booked by Saturday are delivered on Monday by 8PM. For subscription customers deliveries are done as per pre set days Monthly

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